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Critique Group


The critique group at Howell Library is run by Rick Kelsten
Please contact Rick for details of what to bring and how to prepare.
Formatting:  One-sided
                       One inch margins (top, bottom, left and right)
                       Make the font Times New Roman 12pt, so folks can read it.
                       Double-space each page so people can write comments between the lines.
                       Put your name, the title and genre in the header

Summary Page
                      A brief, 100-word(ish) description of the 1,200 words you'd like critiqued ie: 'The genre is...'; 'It's part of a 
                      longer piece of work.'; 'In this scene X meets Y for the first time', and what you plan to do with the work
                      when it's finished. On the same page, describe the type of feedback you're looking for eg: 'Is the plot/setting
                      credible?'; 'Is the main character likeable?' 'Does the narrative/dialogue work?' etc.
**These sessions are open to all, so please don't bring work you wouldn't want your best friend's 12-yr-old daughter to read - if you're not sure, check with Rick beforehand. 
Please note, priority goes to folks who attended the previous critique session(s), so you might not get your work
 reviewed on your first visit.

I'll be gathering information on critique groups elsewhere in Monmouth County, so folks can find the most suitable place(s) to obtain feedback on their complete stories/novels. 

If you'd like me to add your own critique group to the list, please let me know its size, the genre/wordcount you mostly write, as well as location etc.

Jon Gibbs






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